Oton Geek S08M 8 CH SDI/HDMI Live Production Switcher with Built-in Multiview

Oton Geek S08M 8 CH SDI/HDMI Live Production Switcher with Built-in Multiview

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Oton Geek S08M can switch up to 8 different video inputs (4xSDI+2xHDMI+2xIP Stream. The input format will be auto-detected by the switcher, and the output format is selectable by the user.

The multiview layout allows you to show preview, program, and input sources all on the same screen with adjustable PIP & POP functionality. Users can also add their brand logo and subtitle to PGM video for a more stunning live production. You can even record up to 1080p60 to USB drive in the built-in USB2.0/3.0 port. In addition to the program and multiview preview outputs, the switcher can also live stream to 4 destinations at the same time such as Facebook, Youtube, Ustream via Ethernet, without requiring additional hardware. Concert productions, events, parties, competitions, educational institutions, and live sports programming are some of the use cases where the Geek S08 could be utilized.

  • Technical Specs

    Video Audio Input 4x SDI, 2xHDMI, 2x decoding stream/USB media file, 1x 3.5mm, 1xR/L audio
    Video Audio Loop Output 2x SDI & 1xHDMI PGM, 1xHDMI Multiview, 1x 3.5mm, 1xR/L audio
    USB 3.0 Port Connect 4G Wireless Dongle | video recording | broadcast USB media file
    Encoding Protocol HTTP-TS, RTS, HLS, FLV, RTMP
    DecodingProtocol RTMP, RTMPS
    Encoding & decoding Format H.264 AVC | H.265 HEVC
    Audio Sampling & Size Rate AAC & 48kHz
    A/V Switching Cut direct switching | Joystick Transition Switching | Take/Auto Transition Switching
    Special Effects Wipe | Fade | Mix | PIP | POP
    Input Resolution 576 i50 | 720P50 | 720P60 | 1080i50 | 1080i60 | 1080 P 25 | 1080 P30 | 1080P50 | 1080 P60
    Live Resolution 1080p 60/50/30/25/ |1080i 60/50
    Recording Resolution & Format 1920x1080@60P Max & Mp4
    Network USB 4G Dongle, 10/100/1000 Mb/s LAN
    Recording Bitrate 500-40960kbps adjustable
    Media Play Files Still Graphics & Videos
    Media Play Still Graphics & Video Format PNG, BMP, TGA, JPG & MP4, MKV
    Configuration Web management
    Power Adapter 12V 3A 36W
    Temperature 0°C to 45°C
    Dimension & Weight 38x26x7.5cm (11.4×7.8×2.25 inch) ABS